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starting at 7:30 PM                         EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT

For: Couples & Singles

Beginner & Basic Group lessons and social dance


Featuring the following Ballroom dances:


American & Latin Ballroom Dances

                 Dance 1   &   Dance 2


Every Wednesday in                     


September & October ‘05       – RUMBA & SWING



7:30 PM:  1-hr lesson for Beginners thru to the Basic (bronze level) dancer.  Beginner & Basic level classes are taught simultaneously.  1st 1/2-hr is Dance 1 (see above), 2nd 1/2-hr is the Dance 2 (see above).

8:30 PM (approximately): Practice Time & Open Ballroom Dancing.  The first few music selections will pertain to the dances taught that evening, followed by a full variety of ballroom dance music. 


FEE* Per person: $10.00 at the door “Pay as you go” or purchase a Series of 8 (**) group lessons for $65.00. No need to pre-register, just arrive in time for the class. 


(*)   - Fee covers the complete evening or any part thereof. 

(**) - You may use part of your series of  8 group lessons to take part in any group lessons offered weekly with the exception of the Saturday evening class.        See tri-folded flyer or ask for more details.


starting at 7:30 PM

                         EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT

½ Hour Ballroom Group lesson followed by a couples and singles social ballroom dance. 


                                   Foxtrot, Tango, Waltz, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Swing, Samba, Merengue

A vote among those attending the lesson will select the Ballroom Dance taught for this ½ hr. class. 





7:30 PM Ballroom Dance Class

8:00 PM Social Ballroom Dance for Couples & Singles


FEE Per person: $10.00 P.P. (*) at the door for the complete evening or if you stay for the social ballroom dance.      $5.00 for the ½ hour group class only.